As a trusted leader and a charismatic speaker,

Dr. Reagan has spoken at some of the world's most prestigious conferences and universities.


Dr. Reagan has been a contributing writer for the Wall Street Journal, Forbes & other international publications. He is also featured in books and articles giving his expertise on a variety of subjects from innovation to the fourth industrial revolution and even smart cities.


Digital Diplomacy -

Ch. 26

The Potential of Big Data

Digital Diplomacy explores what it means to be innovative in foreign policy and diplomacy.

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A right way to think

Right-brained thinking as a key skill for the modern executive.


The Importance Of Being Social Inside And Outside Of Your Organization



Scaling the Sharing Economy: From New York to Topeka and Beyond

Knowledge at Wharton University of Pennsylvania

Why the ‘Old Brain’ Struggles with Big Data

Wall Street Journal

Building Business & Technology Innovation Centers

Baseline Magazine

Thought Leaders in Big Data

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