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Open data, a vehicle for Mexico's competitiveness: Deloitte

Within the framework of the II regional conference on open data in Latin America and the Caribbean, ConDatos, held on October 1 and 2 in Mexico City, JR Reagan, head of Deloitte's customer service for the National Directorate of Programs of the Protectorate of the Department of Homeland Security in the United States (DHS NPPD), emphasized the situation currently facing Latin American countries, particularly Mexico, as far as open data is concerned.

During his participation in the session called "The Future with Data: Lightning Talk", the executive highlighted the impact and degree of influence that open data can achieve both in people and in organizations, positioning itself as a tool that will help them generate courage and face the challenges of the environment in which they operate.

“Mexico, and the Latin American region in general, have all the potential to continue advancing in the subject of open data. The real challenge is to open virtual borders, have patience and above all the will to achieve great things in this area ”, JR Reagan considered.

For his part, Juan Pinacho, technology partner of the consultancy, added that the fact that

open data is considered a current issue, for Deloitte, is not strange, since based on its experience in identifying trends, the firm it had long been convinced that they would be a critical and relevant tool to promote the country's competitive development.

In this regard, Fabiola Pernas, consulting partner in the Public Sector, pointed out that the consulting firm has developed a comprehensive offer to support the public and private sectors to face this challenge with solid foundations and first-line technical resources.

Regarding whether the public sector is prepared to face the challenge of open data, Fabiola Pernas stressed that at least at the federal government level, the institutions are aware of what this initiative represents, however due to the degree of preparation of Each of these entities is different, the way in which each one of them is integrated into a data model will also occur gradually, he explained.

Regarding the speed of adoption of the private sector, Juan Pinacho said that companies can be classified into three categories depending on their degree of preparation: advanced organizations, organizations that are just beginning to understand the concept and organizations that are completely unaware of the subject of data open, placing Mexico.

“Our recommendation for all those companies that seek to adopt open data effectively, is to understand the concept and detect what the needs are depending on their business. With this, it is possible to start generating and implementing initiatives that help to enhance its development and competitiveness ”, concluded the expert.

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