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ArirangTV Interview: South Korea building US$ 11 bn 'digital dam' to generate thousands of jobs

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

디지털 뉴딜 추진의 신호탄 '데이터 댐'

South Korea is investing big in a multibillion dollar "data dam." As part of the Moon Jae-in government's 'New Deal' to pull the country out of its virus-induced economic slowdown, some 15 billion dollars will be injected into the creation of a massive data platform over the next five years. The dam will store and process innumerable bytes of data to be analyzed by Artificial Intelligence, then be used to advance various fields such as 5G services, medical care, security, and environment. The effort is expected to create thousands of jobs 389-thousand to be exact in the country's digital economy,... as part of the greater Korean New Deal to revive the South Korean economy. The numbers seem big and promising but will the plan deliver?

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