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How much security is enough?

With a CISO on their board of directors, organizations could gain a better understanding of the cyberthreats their systems face. Not long ago, a chief risk officer might often have felt like a salmon swimming upstream. Also known, tongue in cheek, as “business prevention officers,” CROs for many years may have been relegated to the[…]

The ‘Third Space’ in the cloud

The cloud, just like your neighborhood coffee shop, has started to serve as a “third space.” The places where we work and live are crucial to our livelihoods and well being. In each of these venues, we adopt different personas: parent, spouse, partner, employee, manager, executive, peer. But where can we drop the mask and[…]

The Cybersecurity Convergence

People love to predict the next must-have digital device, from personal drones to augmented-reality contact lenses. But what if the next big device isn’t one single technology? What if it’s a convergence of technologies? How will we then secure our networks and data? A look at the history of the digital universe shows us that,[…]