The 99.999 percent cybersecurity problem

Near-perfection is a lofty goal, one utilities strive for. “Five nines” has become, it’s said, the “holy grail” of reliability: Under this scenario, customers have service 99.999 percent of the time, with outages averaging only about five minutes per year. Now, that’s service. A major telephone company set this standard, boasting of its 99.999-percent reliability. Now,[…]

The Nature Lover’s Guide to Cyber Security

Biomimicry is catching on in the cyber security field as engineers take inspiration from nature to develop improved technologies for protecting data and thwarting cyber crime. Imitation is readily acknowledged as the sincerest form of flattery—except among innovation purists. No one wants to be accused of copying others’ ideas, right? Today, though, being a “copycat”[…]