How much security is enough?

With a CISO on their board of directors, organizations could gain a better understanding of the cyberthreats their systems face. Not long ago, a chief risk officer might often have felt like a salmon swimming upstream. Also known, tongue in cheek, as “business prevention officers,” CROs for many years may have been relegated to the[…]

Behavioral Authentication: Your New Best Friend

Who knows you better than your smart phone? Your family? Maybe. Your colleagues? Perhaps. Your dog? Almost certainly—but that could change very soon. For many of us, our phones and other devices—smart watches, tablets, laptops—are privy to our deepest secrets. Our devices may know, via the alarm we set, when we get up in the[…]

The ‘Third Space’ in the cloud

The cloud, just like your neighborhood coffee shop, has started to serve as a “third space.” The places where we work and live are crucial to our livelihoods and well being. In each of these venues, we adopt different personas: parent, spouse, partner, employee, manager, executive, peer. But where can we drop the mask and[…]