The ‘Third Space’ in the cloud

The cloud, just like your neighborhood coffee shop, has started to serve as a “third space.” The places where we work and live are crucial to our livelihoods and well being. In each of these venues, we adopt different personas: parent, spouse, partner, employee, manager, executive, peer. But where can we drop the mask and[…]

The innovator’s mindset

Who’s the “idea person” in your workplace? Most offices have at least one outside-the-box thinker — “what box?” they might even ask — known for unique, often clever, sometimes off-the-wall suggestions. Chances are, this person doesn’t get upset when others resist their pitch, or even when their idea fails, because they know more ideas are[…]

The 99.999 percent cybersecurity problem

Near-perfection is a lofty goal, one utilities strive for. “Five nines” has become, it’s said, the “holy grail” of reliability: Under this scenario, customers have service 99.999 percent of the time, with outages averaging only about five minutes per year. Now, that’s service. A major telephone company set this standard, boasting of its 99.999-percent reliability. Now,[…]