The Cybersecurity Convergence

People love to predict the next must-have digital device, from personal drones to augmented-reality contact lenses. But what if the next big device isn’t one single technology? What if it’s a convergence of technologies? How will we then secure our networks and data? A look at the history of the digital universe shows us that,[…]

Bridging the cybersecurity culture gap

Everyone seems to be talking about “workplace culture” these days. Although the concept has been around since the 1980s, businesses and government agencies are now realizing the importance of “the way we do things around here” to retaining valued employees and adding value to the enterprise, according to a Deloitte University Press report. Now, some want[…]

In Matters of Cyber Security, To Err is Human

Just as the safety of self-driving vehicles hinges on human drivers following the rules of the road, the effectiveness of many corporate cyber security measures depends on employees exercising due care when carrying them out. Driverless vehicles soon will be able to take us anywhere we want, near or far, with little effort; we need[…]