In cybersecurity, it’s physics to the rescue

Early computers, like the Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer pictured here in the Ballistic Research Laboratory in Philadelphia, were enormous. But, as foreseen by Moore’s law, they’ve rapidly become smaller and more powerful. Do you remember when a computer filled an entire room? Not only were they behemoths, they were also slow by today’s standards.[…]

Do we need a new language to describe cybersecurity?

Words shape our perceptions of the world, so perhaps we need different language to describe cybersecurity concepts. The English language has changed in recent years to be more inclusive of a variety of groups. Some say those changes reflect our increasingly diverse society; others say the words we use help to create that diversity. Language[…]

Spotlight Shines on Role of CISO

Although more than half of CISOs still report to the CIO, some organizations are elevating the role to that of a C-suite peer or even a member of the board. Their rise in prominence coincides with growing pressure for boards to address cyber risk. Not long ago, many senior management teams regarded their risk executives[…]

Why you can’t decide (And what to do about it)

There it sits on your desk, awaiting your decision. As a key executive, you have difficult news to deliver to the board, and a recommendation to make. But how will you advocate for a solution when you can’t decide which to choose? Of the alternatives before you, several would almost certainly be effective, but also[…]